Marc Jacobs in Hip Hop Era


Marc Jacobs closed New York Fashion Week with the unusual show. Usually, in a fashion show, there is a background music, 2 or more seat rows. But Jacobs showed his fall collection with a different way. There is no background music, no set, and only has one long seat row. The show begun with models walk without any background music and they walked through the long runway and went outside, to the sidewalk. At the sidewalk, there is gigantic speakers and the models seated in front the speakers. The positive side from the quite show, people will more focus on the clothes.


This fall collection Marc Jacobs was inspired by the hip-hop culture. As a New Yorker, he felt the influence of hip-hop and translate it into his fall collection. This day, the hip-hop culture is one of the rising. In this collection, it is more casual wear and sportswear. Like an oversized jacket with fur and velvet fabric, oversized denim, track pants, big gold jewelry representing the hip-hop street style.

Marc Jacobs.gif

Image Source: Vogue


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